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Menstruation is a very biological process, yet trapped in mystery and taboo since ages. While we see ‘Societal Silence’ over the issue almost everywhere, lack of awareness and menstrual hygiene management i.e. a situation of ‘Period Poverty’ is predominant globally.  In India, situation is not different: 
  • School Dropouts: Absence of functional toilet, sanitary napkin dispensers and proper menstrual hygiene management facilities in schools is the reason behind 23 million girl students dropping out of schools annually (as per 2014 report of Dasra NGO titled ‘Spot On’). Many girls drop out of school on reaching the sixth or seventh standard as they reach puberty. 
  • Lack of Awareness & Counselling: 70 percent of mothers with menstruating daughters considers menstruation as dirty and 71 percent adolescent girls remained unaware of menstruation till menarche. ICMR Report 2012 states that only 38 percent menstruating girls in India spoke to their mothers about menstruation. As per survey of Ministry of Education, in 63 percent rural schools, teachers never discussed menstruation and how to deal with that properly.  
  • Lack of MHM Facilities: Only 2 to 3 per cent women in rural India are estimated to use sanitary napkins. The lack of demand results in storekeepers not stocking up on sanitary pads. This results unhygienic practices during menstrual cycle, such as filling up old socks with sand and tying them around waists, or taking up old pieces of cloth and using them (also re-uses same cloth without washing and drying properly), or use fly-ash to get menstrual blood absorbed. Such methods increase chances of infection and hinder the day-to-day task of a woman on her period. It has been observed in rural areas that two-three women of the same family use the same cloth during menstruation, after washing and drying it. Sanitary napkins are a luxury in rural areas and small towns. 
  • Disease & Death: As per survey of Ministry of Health 2002-12, Roughly 120 million menstruating adolescents in India experience menstrual dysfunctions, affecting their normal daily chores. Nearly 60,000 cases of cervical cancer deaths are reported every year from India, two-third of which are due to poor menstrual hygiene. Unfortunately, 88 percent of India’s menstruating women do not use sanitary napkins hitherto. 
  • Dignity & EconomyWomen face Pre Menstrual Syndrome i.e. intense pain, tiresome, acute bleeding, irritation during menstruation. Dysmenorrhea or Menstrual Cramps is much more painful than the pain created by heart attack (Source: John Gullibod, University College London). As per Women National Health Service Foundation, 20 percent women’s day to day life get affected due to period pain in India. As women’s efficiency gets lowered anyway during menstruation, menstrual leave will not hamper organisation’s efficiency anyway. Yet, we don’t see provision of the same at many workplaces and institutions. 
Menstruation is not a choice, but a natural process menstruators have to go through. Menstruation still is such a taboo subject that many women are ashamed even to seek medical advice if they face any health problems due to menstruation. While women have been given all the uneven load of reproductive process naturally, it would be too unfair and selfish of men on not being able to play their role to ensure a society where menstruation is no more a taboo subject and there is no menstruator dies or feels undignified due to ‘Period Poverty’.

We believe that this will not be possible until and unless men come forward and hence we are here with ‘Men 4 Menstruation Campaign’

Do you think the same?

Do you want to see a world where there is no death or disease coming out of ‘Period Poverty’?

Do you want to bring a revolution post to which there will be no dropout due to lack of proper MHM facilities and awareness in schools?

Do you want to be a part of movement which will fight for ensuring ‘Period Leave’ for menstruator?

About Us

‘Men 4 Menstruation’ is an initiative of ‘Motive8 Trust’ under which a group of men, inspired and supported by women, has come forward to fight against ‘Period Poverty’. We have driven campaign to ensure availability of Menstrual Hygiene Management’ (MHM) awareness and facilities to all the menstruators, irrespective of their socio-economic and geographic positions. 

Through this campaign, we are aiming to bring in a revolution, post to which ‘menstruation’ will no more be a taboo subject and menstruator will have enough access to informed and sustainable choices to manage their menstrual health. The name in itself describes that engagement of men in creating awareness about the issue is the distinctive fact of our campaign. We believe that it’s not only difficult but impossible to overcome societal silence over the issue, until and unless men get sensitised. 
‘Motive8 Trust’ is a not-for-profit entity (registered under Indian Trust Act 1882), actively working in the space of sexual and reproductive health, early childcare, elementary education, sustainable agriculture etc. arenas. The trust is perpetually working to reduce information asymmetry by creating awareness about multiple issues such as disease control, adolescent health, sexual health etc. 


A World Where ‘Menstruation’ Is Not a Taboo Subject And Menstruators are Free From ‘Period Poverty’. 


  • To Overcome Societal Silence Over The Issue of Menstruation.
  • To Create Awareness About Menstrual Hygiene Management
  • To Ensure Men's Contribution in Creating Menstrual Hygiene Management Awareness
  • To Reduce 'Period Poverty'
  • To Promote Sustainable Menstrual Hygiene Management Practices
  • To Instilll Sense of Dignity And Confidence In Menstruators
  • To Ensure Availability of Informed Choices Among The Menstruators


Signature Campaign

A campaign engaging government departments and institutions (private and public) making all their members taking 'Menstruation Pledge' and signing for 'Men 4 Menstruation Campaign', followed by 'High-Tea' discussion about 'Menstrual Hygiene Management' awareness as well as facilities.


An awareness workshop on 'Menstrual Hygiene Management' covering multiple aspects such as nutrition, tracking menstruation cycle, myth-busting, awareness about MHM products, physiology of menstruation, hygiene and taking care during the period. The session ends with 'Question-Answer' round.

MHM Chaachi

'MHM Chaachi (Aunt)' is a Menstrual Hygiene Management guide cum toolbox that contains IEC materials, comics with information related to menstruation. It also comes up with samples of MHM products like biodegradable reusable sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, tampons along with a guidebook for using them properly. The toolbox, usually designed for schools, also works as a 'Pad-Bank'. We are on a mission to get as many schools equipped with our 'MHM Chaachi' box.

Distribution Drive

Under the campaign, we are running a drive to distribute sustainable menstrual hygiene products i.e. reusable sanitary napkin and menstrual cups among underprivileged.

Period Friendly Toilet

Lack of MHM awareness and facilities is still the biggest reason behind girl students dropping out from schools, on hitting puberty. Access to the toilet is a crucial element when we talk about the availability of MHM facilities. We are hence upgrading the existing toilet into a 'Period Friendly Toilet' by adding required accessories and amenities to the existing toilets.










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