Engineer turned Social Transformer, Rashmi Saha’s viewpoints on Menstrual Awareness…

Rashmi Saha, a civil engineer turned social transformer and founder of Mukty Mission is committed towards the betterment of women’s health and menstrual hygiene. Travelling across the country helped Rashmi understand and analyze the lack of the sanitization facilities women goes through, especially during menstruation. She discussed the same with her parents and with the […]

Padman from Jharkhand

  Today as of 25th May 2020: It’s been already three months since the whole country is suffering from COVID’19 pandemic, which has everyone at its hooks both the urban and the rural areas. Most of the places were under lockdown and permissions to open are only given to few grocery and medical shops that […]

Pad Mother From The Tribal Village Of Chitaloor

A mother of two, who saw the agony in the women of her tribe during their bleeding days, pledged to provide the solution. Such is the story of Nikita Markam from the village Chitaloor of Dantewada district in the southern part of the state of Chhattisgarh. Each women of the village has to face a lot of issues during their menstruation due to lack of proper sanitation methods and lack of awareness regarding menstruation.

Alisha Garnaik’s Brainchild – Period Pratha, aims to eradicate the lack of awareness around Menstruation

Alisha Garnaik, a student who is a keen learner of Language and Literature is currently a student of English (Hons.) with Mass Communication from MATS University, Raipur. During her sophomore year, she was doing an assessment project with Sattva Media and Consulting Pvt. Ltd., where she got a chance to visit remote parts of Odisha […]

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